Church Bells

by Kevin Olken

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Church Bells - Written by Kevin Olken 4/08

It’s time for bed
It’s time for bed
It’s time for bed
It’s time for bed

Jump down your rabbit holes
Cause the wolves are knocking at your door
There’s nothing to save you now but carrots
In the fields they grew, and the farmers will yell at you

There’s no church bells
Waking our dreams
I’ve slept forever it seems
Likely I could hollow a tunnle
In which children play
The wolves have gone today
And we are free
We think we are free

Robert Zimmerman stirred his words
Round in the smoke he blew
Spirals toward our eyes
So we could see where the clear air really begun

But as we’ve drunk our time
In red white wine
The wooden cups of yesteryear have turned to stone
And crumbling statues raise their ears, but can’t move their bones

And the trees have seized to grow as one
And fallen leaves don’t care where they fall
Cause they don’t take the time
To see what their made of

Do you care where you fall
Do you care where you fall
Do you remember what you dreamt last night
Hiding away from the church bell screams
Away from what we used to seem
To what of the public
What of the people
dancing in fields
Crawling on the ground to feel what they feel
feel what they feel
I feel what I feel
Feel what I feel

And the word that have been said
untouched by influential bells
have rung for centuries dancing by themselves
in what they see

and we will follow our own path
dancing to our own tune
sleeping on our own time
until we awake

Good morning sunshine
Silent eyes
No alarm clocks ringing
no church bells sound
It's gonna be a good day today.


released October 1, 2009
Produced by Ariel Loh
Written and Performed by Kevin Olken



all rights reserved


Kevin Olken New York, New York

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