Wild Cats (Demo)

by Kevin Olken


This is a demo recording of Wild Cats, I was trying to record another version but had a hard time recapturing what I liked in this demo, so this is it until I can get it done professionally.


I am waiting all alone
in this attic
with feelings of the things I’d known
before the fabric
was sown into the ways we’ve grown
and stitched with sadness
That I am me and I alone
Must sort this madness

Grown with what we have
And wild were the young like cats

The little bird we found today
had "fallen off the horse"
it lay there in the stinging rain
the steps upon the porch
but looking up the nest had stayed
Forever static
to leave home then, we thought was brave
but now seems tragic

Grown with what we had
And wise were the old with hats

Oh dad dad you had said
son when your older
You’ll finally be the man you are
need no reminder
That love is all
But life is more
Than what you bartered
now fix your debts and play the hand
that you started

with what
I had
But now
I’m Older
Than that

Dedicated to Debby and Jeff


released July 28, 2011



all rights reserved


Kevin Olken New York, New York

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